Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Today I am going to depart from my cleanse updates, I acknowledge that my 21 day writing streak ended about 2 days in--I should've known better.  However today I am pausing and dedicating this post to two of my best friends.  One whose birthday passed almost two months ago and one whose birthday is today.  This is the second year in a row where finances are extremely tight to say the very least and sadly not even my husband received a gift either year.  Last year I began writing poetry again after a decade long hiatus and I wrote this poem with both Libby and Tasha in mind following one of the darkest times in my life.  These two women have been unshakingly loyal and honest for years and my plan was and is to create something beautiful for them containing this poem and send it to them for their birthdays.  However life and all it's details and pace has left these projects unfinished and on the very back burner in reality.  Tash and Lib, I love you both more than you can know and today I, in my meager humanity, honor you.  Thank you for the women that you are and for who you are in my life.  Happy Birthday!

Standing on this rocky ground changed eyes
seeing what is being found. Staring back
down that twisted path, crooked is this traveled way.
Still, gazing on that hazy road you have helped  to carry this load.

My God has given you to me and so gratitude does overflow.
You must know that through rocks in the valleys
I have tread, the soul Christ placed inside your heart
has given strength as mine bled.
Truth spoken echos softly as a whisper
Reminding me He desires for us all to prosper.

Sister. Paths of joy and miles of sorrow
a ribbon you wind through these canyons
declaring to me His hope of tomorrow.
Hear these words that you have blessed your sister in these darkest hours.
Shown His face as the world turned sour, strengthened faith
and shown a light on His redeeming power.

Today I feel that it is gone, the heaviness has not won.
Darkness has vanished you see the troubled heart has been set free.
This road though hard--worth what He's creating in me.
As I move past this gnarled road
I cannot forget how your spirit reflects His face.
Sister. Your voice forever echos his grace.

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