Monday, April 25, 2011

Resurrection Wonder

I wonder how it felt to see Jesus on that dusty road to Emmaus?
To say you knew Him when He walked among us?
To see Him whole and perfect standing on that road
I wonder about and envy, those who got to see
To hear His voice and see His face--the man from Galilee.
I wonder how it felt to see Jesus, to share some fish and wine with God?
To touch His hands and see His side and hear Him say those words.
They say, that even then, some did not believe.
Do you think He touched them gently and His love they did receive?
Did Mary weep and hug her friend knowing it was true?
That God did so love the world and chose to enter in,
To put on flesh and be betrayed because of our own sin.
I wonder if birds sang more beautiful than before?
If the sun shone brighter on that desert lakeside shore?
If hands did grasp and hearts did gasp as He called them all his friends.
Do you think they even thought about this New Kingdom lens? 
I wonder how you respond to such amazing love?
To understand that God did leave his throne above, 
To walk down that broken road and carry His own cross,
To die for you and pay the price so you would not be lost.
Does it make you want to love your neighbor and with those you don’t agree?
I pray our eyes are open to those we do not see.
I pray that from our eyes all those scales would soon fall
Our hearts would change, our minds renewed---to give our love to all.

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