Thursday, December 2, 2010

I would describe myself as an organized person, I like every item to have a home to go to when I'm done using it. I probably inherited this trait from both of my parents, they are both rather obsessively clean folk with a system for housing their possessions. Through the years I've have waxed and waned in my particular-ness and standard with which I held myself to. Jr. highwasn't a very neat and tidy time in my life, however in high school I organized my closet and room obsessively. I like all my shirts to be hanging in the same direction and like styles grouped together and then similar colors grouped together within their style category.
Through the years I have dedicated hours on organizing systems for the various rooms in the houses we have lived. I've also accepted through the years that not everyone in my family has the same desire to keep their things or my things in the homes that I have assigned them. The notion of entropy (the inevitable breakdown of my systems) that exists in my world is always pressing into me as I live my life, that although organized, is chaotic and crazy. Moving 6 people into one direction, harmoniously and in a timely manner is virtually impossible and trying to get them to buy into a precise system has proven to be utterly frustrating, for me not them. They just don't care. I don't take their apathy personally anymore really, I've tried to develop a more laid back, meet in the middle kind of attitude instead of totally freaking out when I've hit my threshold for disorganization.
My strategy has dwindled to providing a stylish home for something big enough to hide that something so it appears to be organized. This also allows my kids to put stuff "away" on their own the way an 11, 8, 5 and 3 year old boy does--shove, stuff and close. Basically I provide hiding places for their Legos, cars, pirates, action figures, blocks, costumes and weaponry of all calibers. IKEA is my favorite place to find storage pieces mostly because it fits my budget and my style.
Every now and then I am compelled to obsessively organize those hiding places, like today when I sorted and labeled all the toys knowing full well that this gives me peace that surpasses their understanding. Maybe tomorrow I'll hit the refridgerater or keep playing Tetris with the tupperware and condiments as I prepare the meals for these little men whom I love more than organization.


  1. Sister of my own heart!!!! Candie makes fun because my pantry is organized like store shelves. Tell me if I am wrong...when you look in your cupboard you should be able to know what is needing to be replaced? The realization that you are beating your head against the wall trying to get everyone else to conform is much better to come to at the earliest possible age in life. For me it hit when my third child was born. I could no longer keep up the obsessive-compulsive-magazine-patterned home. So I have settle for what will work and keep me sane. But deep inside I still wish for that unlived in look for my home.